Science of Inner Knowing

Foundation for the Education of the Heart offers programs and seminars for the development of the heart. "The Heart" refers to the natural fountain of life energy that sustains our being and has essentially been ignored in our education and enculturization process. This is not done by inventing a new spiritual path or a new belief system. There is a much larger realm of being. Therefore, there is a need to consciously experience the beliefs we hold resulting in a deeper understanding of our own true nature which requires new forms of education, participation, allowance and engagement.


We each can live with an internal joy and bliss throughout humanity and at every level of society as we live our daily routine in the environment in which we find ourselves. The Foundation for the Education of the Heart is intended as a vehicle to advance this effort forward. 


In bridging modern science and mysticism, it becomes clear that the miracle of creation is in the Oneness of all that is. We are the results of every thought we have had, every word we have spoken and every deed we have ever done; simultaneously, we have felt every thought, word and deed directed toward us. We accumulate these experiences either in a state of awareness, or the lack there of. In awareness we face the pain and pleasure we create and experience. In lack of awareness, we numb ourselves to the pain and separate ourselves from life as is. To become aware of the consciousness of the heart, one needs to learn to move beyond the judgment of the mind and be in the heart. This is allowing oneself to feel the feelings associated with the thought, word or action. However, feeling is found in the heart, not the mind. In learning to be in the heart and allowing ourselves to feel we are more than capable of knowing when our thoughts, words, and deeds are giving us the fullness of life and ultimately serving the highest common good.


The intention  for our educational programs is to provide the space for the individual to have a conscious experience of the creative spirit within their being - to consciously experience the flow of energy that sustains their being and is the source of their creative power. It is to increase the probability of a conscious experience of the Source. It is to participate in awakening and expansion of our own consciousness.

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